avatar I hope everyone had a good Labor Day. Mine wasn’t too productive, I’ve been sorta winding down over the last week, which in a way is good because I’m heading into a week vacation and hopefully I’ll be fresh to get some real work accomplished that week.
Today’s comic introduces Kevin, who is really the fits the “supporting character” mold. He’s like Ton’y sidekick, for now anyway. I’ve added his card to the randomly uploading bios, so if you’re ready to refresh like a hundred times you’ll probably catch him. He’s been in the background in one comic previous to this, but will really get his chance to shine in the next act. I guess he’s really just a vehicle to move the story along and to create some opportunities for our main characters… but I think he’s a good edition to the far reaching cast, which is important to establish that this isn’t just Jay’s story. Theres a whole world here.