avatarFather Jimenez is the last major player to be introduced in this chapter. A couple other minor characters will appear here and there, but he’s about it. The nun here, I haven’t worked out a backstory for yet, so there isn’t a bio card for her yet… maybe in chapter three or four. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten much work done so far this vacation, I’ve been focusing so hard on diet and exercize and cleaning up my apartment that when I sit down at my computer, I usually screw around instead of get to work. I hope to change that up today though. I had a little hiccup in writing the next act, I don’t know if I’d mentioned it, but I think I’ve past it now, I’ll let you guys know for sure after I’ve written another 50 comics or so.

With my new diet regieme it begs the question if IDWBTFK is goint to start up again soon… maybe, I got a few comics for it kicking around in my head. I want OOTW to finish it’s run first though (which is a couple weeks away) I don’t wanna update more than three days a week, otherwise I’m afraid I might burn myself out.