avatarWhoever bet on me to do the responsible thing and have an update for you… YOU WIN! Serisously though, I would’ve bet against me. I do not have a good track record. There are five more strips till the end of the chapter and the month hiatus (I’ve decided on a month. A month is plenty.) I don’t think I’ll stop working during the hiatus, just build up a backlog… although it may not be a backlog of MDW strips.

I have a couple extra pages to do too. Including one that explains what I’m about to explain here: In voodoo,  the soul is beleived to be comprised of two parts. The gwa-bon-anj is the great good angel. It is the part of your soul that is your individuality, and your personality. The ti-bon-anj is the little good angel and is sort of like the Christian concept of the Holy Spirit. It doesn’t belong to you it belongs to Infinity. It is the part of your soul that dicates your innate sense of right and wrong (and if you’re a Neo-Platonist, recognizes how well things possess the ideal qualities of beauty, goodness, that sort of thing.) And it is what ties you to every other living thing; everyone has a ti-bon-anj from the same source. When you die your Gwa-bon anj goes to it’s afterlife and eventually becomes a lwa (which is a spirt; Death, for example is a lwa, although he was always a lwa, he was never an anj.) If Debra had gone through the proper channels on the ethereal plain she would’ve come back as a lwa and then could’ve affected all sorts of people and things. But because she came over without proper clearance, she is still only an anj and therefore has little affect on anyone, which is why she can only hurt the baby. Your Ti-bon-anj rejoins the infinite cosmos, and is punished or rewarded depending on how well it guided you through life either by the samsara of reincarnation, or the nirvana of becoming totally one with infinity (Ok now I’m breaking off into buddhism a little but this is how the MDW world works, it’s not based on just one religion.)

So, Jay’s plan here was to duplicate the same sort of sensations and emotions Debra would have experienced when she was alive to try to key her Ti-bon-anj to rejoin her Gwa-bon-anj so that she would begin to feel remorse for her actions and make the morally correct decision of going back to the ethereal plain on her own.

I hope SOME of that came across in the story. As I said I’m building some pages that explain how things work in the MDW universe so that I won’t have to relay on these blogs to explain it. Both Death and Jay know how it works so it’d be out of character for one of them to explain it to the other. Jay couldn’t explain it to Debra because that would’ve marginalized the chance of his plan succeeding. And most of the other characters couldn’t begin to understand it, the closest I’ve come to explaining this was when Jay told Sarah she had an anj, but even then if you go back and read that comic, he really dumbs it down for her. He only tells her what she needs to know. It’s page 82 if you’re interested in looking it up.