avatarUpdate was a little late today, I forgot to set the auto update yesterday and I was up to 3am working. I’ve been getting a TON of work done this weekend. Back when I wrote this strip I thought “What is the last thing a spiritual being would give a crap about?” but since then the global economy has tanked so it almost seems reasonable that they’d be talking about economics. Oh well, thats what I get for writing storylines that take years to conclude.

Otherwise, we’re closing in on my month off so I should give you guys my proposed update schedule: There are two more strips in this chapter. There’s the Chapter 3 title card, and there’s one page that falls before each chapter that explains some of the theology in action in each chapter. Thats five updates, which will conform to the Tuesday/Saturday schedule I’m on right now. So Januuary 20th should be the last update until the hiatus. I’m scheduled to return Febuary 21st. At that point The Rejects will be starting up with a brand new comic. And I’ll have a pile of character profile pictures, for all my comics, probably going up on my portfolio page. Beyond that I’m not sure what I’ll be working on for immediate updates. I have two more projects that could possible hit The Rejects already finished. But those wont hit until much later in the year. If you guys have any suggestions on what I should work on, let me know via the comments. I know some want me working on Fatkid, and lately I’ve been jonesing to get a couple Children at Play strips done. But right now I have, like, four scripts that need revision so most of my hiatus is likely to be spent working on writing.