I apologize for the unannounced 2 week hiatus. In honestly it should’ve been a planned hiatus in between Barflys ending and MDW starting up again. I haven’t been super busy, just sorta burnt out and catching up on some video games. I’m on vacation this week though and spending a good six hours a day working on comics, so there shouldn’t be any interruption of comics in the foreseeable future.

I think, if I ever do “Case 2” of MDW that it’ll be graphic novel format instead of script format. I had a lot of goals with MDW: mixing the fantastic with the mundane, doing a serious story that fit into a 4 panel strip format, doing a serious story with simplistic stylistic art, etc. I’ve never been a huge fan of four panel strips. Even C@P, my baby, didn’t stick to the format for long, often growing anywhere from 6 to 10 panels to fit joke pacing, rather than screwing up the pacing to fit the format. Frankly I find myself a little artistically bored by the four panel, single camera format. It’d be caustic to change the style in the middle of a story, but that’s why I think the next story would be more graphic novel style.

Speaking of which, Claptrap is moving along nicely, I have about 13 pages done, hopefully I can finish my script and about 20-25 pages before this chapter of MDW ends (around page 225.) I have some longterm plans for Claptrap that hopefully come to fruition.

Thanks for sticking around!