Hey, this isn’t funny… this is PREACHY! What gives!?

I swear I’m not trying to proselytize here. Worship Jesus– don’t worship him– none of my business. But a major aspect of theology is strong ethical philosophy and it’d be false if I didn’t incorporate it into my story in some way. This sermon speaks volumes for the character and fits into the overall theme of the story. It’d be a shame for intelligent people with different beliefs dismissed logical philosophy just because it came in Jesus flavor. Sometimes ideas are solid regardless of where they come from… Aaaand the comedy thing is coming back shortly, for realsies.

The reason for the missed update was some art projects over on my portfolio that I really wanted to finish. Go check ’em out, and if you have a DA account, leave me a comment or two what don’t ya 😉

Oh and remember to VOTE goddamnit! So help me I’ll turn this comic right around!