So, it’s high time I’d delivered a State of the Comic address. Looking forward to the oncoming 2011 I have some pretty large goals. Modern Day Witchdoctor has about 70 pages left in this chapter. Afterward it’ll go on hiatus while I work out the script for the final chapter and switch to some other projects I’ve had cued up for a while. By the end of July I hope to have Out of this World chapter 2 completed and a Volume one compilation available for purchase. My first hard copy comic available. Then I’ll be looking into hitting comic-cons and the like, and I’ll be open for prints and commissions. After MDW goes on break I should be updating SP Earthguard, my last Zuda entry, around half way through the year. On the writing front I’m working hard now on finishing the first full story arc of The Rejects. Whether it makes it off the page and onto the internet will depend entirely on Wally and his schedule and interest. After which I plan to finish my full script for Claptrap Films to polish off the year, while I work on a print collection of Barflys that includes comics that never hit the net.

At the moment I’ve have a rather strict plan in place to meet all these goals, and if I can stick to it, I may even be able to exceed these goals.  I’m always interested in what you guys think about Modern Day Witchdoctor, or any of the other comics, where you’re interested in seeing me focus my efforts. Leave me a comment here, or on facebook or at and I’ll be sure to see it.

Thank you for the continued votes everyone, and please, if you enjoy my comics, introduce your friends to them, continued and growing readership is what makes the work I put into this worthwhile