A rather productive week so far. I got a couple pages of ‘Out of This World’ done, and I have a rough outline together for ‘The Rejects’ It’s just a matter of putting the rough draft together now so I can start showing it to my proofreaders.I’m hoping I can keep up this pace though. I have a pile of videogames from Christmas calling to me, saying “Naaaaate! Beeaat us! Draaaagon Age Twooooo is coming out sooooon”

Speaking of which Walter Ostlie is trying to send his graphic novel ‘Cubicles: The Movies… The Graphic Novel’ to print and is using Kickstarter to fund it. If you have a couple extra dollars, donate something to help him get it off the ground. You can snag a copy of the book, original art, even commissions for helping him out.

Thanks for the continued votes everyone! And keep an eye on the facebook page for extra updates. I posted a panel progression from a Out of This World page earlier this week!