Wow, we’re moving through this chapter quicker than I’d anticipated. My current plan is to take a week off when the chapter finishes (if I don’t miss any updates this should be at the end of March) then update SP Earthguard, then another week off, then Claptrap Films. Hopefully by the time that happens I’ll have Out of This World Chapter 2 finished and can get into printing a Volume 1 collection, and taking it out for conventions, and will have my script for Claptrap finished so I can start in of having that be my primary webcomic to finish out the second half of the year. I haven’t decided yet if/when/how Out of This World will hit the internet. I also have a couple other projects that are tentative at the moment, and a couple other ways I can go if I’ve bit off more than I can chew with Claptrap. If Claptrap is my updating comic I may have to drop to once a week updates. But, I still have some Barflys to fall back on, also there’s also a one panel collaboration with Children at Play co-writer Ryan Downs called Nevermore that could see light of day by the end of the year depending on how things play out.