Hey! It’s been a while! I finally made it to my vacation, so I’m putting a lot of work back into comics. I’ve been burned out the last few weeks and that’s really adversely affected my update schedule.  But, here’s the current plan. Modern Day Witchdoctor is going to update twice a week until the end of the chapter. Then SP Earthguard (my new comic) will start updating once a week (let’s say Saturday.) For the first few weeks Barflys will also update once a week on Tuesday, until I hit 60 pages on Barflys and then it’ll be just once a week updates of Earthguard. After that… idunno, maybe Claptrap Films, it depends on a handful of things that are up in the air. I didn’t want to start updating Claptrap till it was finished, but I’m going to spend a couple days hashing out my script, so at least that part of it will be finished.