So the big news today is that the next comic will be the last Modern Day Witchdoctor comic of chapter three! It really sneaked up on me too! I can’t even give you guys an ETA on chapter four yet. It’s outlined, but only partially scripted and I have SO many time consuming projects in the pipeline already that it’ll probably be at least a year before I can return to and finish up the story. Chapter four is the last chapter of Modern Day Witchdoctor, so I don’t want to half-ass it.

Saturday will be the first update of my manga comic SP Earthguard which will update once a week, with Barflys also updating once a week starting next Tuesday for a month or so.

So what can you possibly look forward too before Modern Day Witchdoctor starts updating again?

– Wally and I are working on rebooting The Rejects. I have a rough draft of 9 chapters written. Where this goes depends on Wally’s schedule

– Chapter 1 of SP Earthguard will be updating. Chapter 2 is in progress and depends on Wati’s (the artist) schedule. Rough draft of 12 chapters is written, but unless I can make money off of it I can’t afford to pursue it after chapter 6

-Claptrap Films has a handful of pages finished. I still need to finish my script before I can continue drawing it.

-I’ve finished penciling Chapter 2 of Out of This World and have inked almost 1/3 of the pages. I’m leaning towards putting this up on the site when it’s finished, and waiting until I can do Chapter 3 before I publish a print volume.

-Ryan and I have developed about 30 scripts so far for an EXTREMELY dark 1 panel comic called ‘Nevermore.’ He’s been rightfully on my case to draw it.

-I’d like to update some more Children at Play before I start in on Modern Day Witchdoctor again. MDW nearly has as many pages as C@P and I’d like C@P to remain my flagship comic. I have two storylines (the directors cut of the original story and the revenge of the chiquita banana story) that, if I can finish, will bump up C@P another 50 pages or so.

Comics with weekly or bi-weekly updates are sometimes a little difficult for me to keep up on with all these projects in process (obviously.) Sometimes I can’t finish a comic in a week. Sometimes I finish three. Ultimately it would be nice if some of the comics I’m working with people on would take off, allowing me time to draw more time-consuming projects while still offering you guys something to read. While writing is often more difficult than drawing, it’s FAR less time consuming. And really, I got into this to write, drawing was just something I had to develop to tell my stories.