This is some of the fine art other people have drawn for MDW!

The characters from Drunk Duck comic ‘Wolf’ drawn in Modern Day Witchdoctor style by it’s creator Tantz Aerine
The main character from “Rusty Knight’s” defunct webcomic ‘Thompson Gunners’ drawn in MDW style by himself… I think it’s also the main character in his comic ‘Rapid Fire‘ although even that hasn’t updated since 2008
Drewbot 3000 1/2 is another defunct Drunk Duck comic I did a trade with…
This is the final style-trade I did with people. They’re from Vicki Boutwell’s “Used Books” which is refreshingly still going over 800 pages strong!
A remix received in the Comic Remix project, as done by Fern of Teenage Wasteland and a bout 11 other comics. Grim and Billy really fit this script!
My final remix received from Hijuda of Victory Theme. He really had a nice clean style for this