Here are some of the comics or MDW style drawing I’ve done for other people!

Alex Xander was a comic done by Rob Tichkowsky who’d also done a webcomic called Lower Place way back in the day. I believe they’re both defunct now, but you can still see his current work here.
A Count Your Sheep comic I’d done from way back in it’s infancy… before it was on Keenspot even!
Intershadows (Coolville 2.0) is another comic that has disappeared from the interwebs, but creator Kathleen Jacques can’t totally escape the siren song of sequential art.
Justin Pierce is better known nowadays for The Non-Adventures of Wonderella, but while his freshman effort, Killroy and Tina, may be dead, but it’s not gone.
Loserz is one of those great comics from the early days that sank into obscurity because of frequent hiatuses. Since then Erik Schoenek has moved left behind teen comedy and moved straight into a more adult fare (link NSFW…seriously.)
A fan comic for White Ninja, which still has the market cornered on delicious absurdity
A few of the characters from Drunk Duck comic ‘Wolf‘ by Tantz Aerine done in MDW style by myself
The main character from “Rusty Knight’s” defunct webcomic ‘Thompson Gunners’ drawn in MDW style by myself… I think it’s also the main character in his comic ‘Rapid Fire‘ although even that hasn’t updated since 2008
Drewbot 3000 1/2 is another defunct Drunk Duck comic I did a trade with…
This is the final style-trade I did with people. They’re from Vicki Boutwell’s “Used Books” which is refreshingly still going over 800 pages strong!
One of my trades in a round of the Comic Remix Project with Tantz Aerine’s Wolf I really like some of the panel composition here, but I hate my page layout.
Another Comic Remix trade… one of my favorites actually, for the comic Fantastiteam. It took a joke I was luke-warm on and really sold it for me.